Our highly trained and skilled workforce helps us provide world-class service to our customers.  We provide our people with competitive salary packages and incentives to attract and retain the best of the best and to provide an encouraging work environment.


When our clients say, “Jump,” we ask, “How high?”  We work closely with our clients to learn their particular needs, which helps us integrate our business seamlessly with theirs.


With years of experience and an eye towards fanatical compliance, we’ve accumulated the best infrastructure and resources to do our work with efficiency and reliability.

We also have  a strong and experienced management team.

  • The Core Executive Management Team has deep Business Process Transformation experience.
  • We have leadership experienced in managing large scale operations and servicing Fortune 100 clients.
  • Employees are trained by a United States-based management team.
  • Our management team is grown internally from the best of the best of our employees.
  • We value collaboration with our clients and strive to be as transparent as possible.


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A Reliable and Responsive Partner

Astra Business Services is deeply committed to its approach of promoting a healthy business environment for its clients. We pride ourselves on understanding and analyzing the requirements.

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