Call Quality Monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Trained and qualified specialists are hired to perform quality management functions using established procedures for better management of time and cost.
  • Some offline back-office tasks are completed after US and Canadian business hours, resulting in lower turn-around times.
  • Our process is governed by a collaborative approach and transparency, helping us deliver efficient, quality services.
  • The clients’ quality resources are freed up to focus on higher value work.
  • Our clients can significantly improve the sample size of call monitoring and free up resources to be used in hands-on coaching and training.

Our team of Call Quality Analysts excels at identifying shortcomings in call quality and sniffing out possible regulatory violations.  Our expertise in monitoring and analyzing calls allows our clients to free up their own agents to focus on coaching and training.

Leverage us to improve Call Quality Monitoring functions:

  • The client is given a dedicated Call Quality Monitoring team responsible for the monitoring of right party connects, other party connects, answering machine messages, correspondences, and account notes.
  • The client can send call recordings via SFTP access at a pre-determined frequency or they can give us access to their own call monitoring system.
  • The client provides access to the collection database via secure VPN for the Call Quality Monitoring team to review account documentation and update account notes.
  • The Call Quality Monitoring team listens to all call recordings and scores them based on a pre-agreed form.  They also provide collections talk-off, regulatory compliances, account handling procedures and documentation on a predefined timeline.
  • The Call Quality Monitoring team will then conduct frequent call calibrations with the client’s representatives and performance managers.
  • A dedicated team is offered if the client requires an account audit based on a pre-defined set of parameters.

EXPERIENCE: A Client Case Study

We offer end-to-end solutions from engaging on multiple channels and mediums to scrutinizing communications to generate business insights so our clients can make informed and rational decisions. We have strong relationships with many medium- and large-scale enterprises across the world.

In one case, we helped one of our clients, a medium-sized collection agency, meet their compliance and regulatory requirements while employing cost-effective measures.  Before they hired us, the client had been monitoring between five and ten calls per agent with an average agent tenure of no more than 12 months.

Astra put together an expert core team which:

  • Increased their call monitoring frequency and sample size by 300%.
  • Met 100% compliance parameters within the first 90 days.  We did this with regular feedback and reporting.
  • Saved the client 57% versus the cost of hiring a US-based QA staff.

Our comprehensive model, which necessitates rigorous compliance and monitoring requirements, has helped the client enterprise support their large consumer base.

When one of the client’s clients conducted a CFPB-style audit after putting our expertise into practice, no gaps were found in quality monitoring and assurance procedures.


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Astra Business Services is deeply committed to its approach of promoting a healthy business environment for its clients. We pride ourselves on understanding and analyzing the requirements.

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