We exceed our clients’ expectations with highly-trained talent and compliant, industry-topping technology.  We adhere to and often beat our clients’ standards of customer service and regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage the cost benefit of outsourcing without having to set up expensive offshore operations.
  • Focus on segments ignored by stateside agencies, improving performance in scorecard and profitability.
  • We are a CFPB-compliant licensed operation.

Collections Experience

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We employ highly trained and experienced talent for consumer and commercial debt collections. Our staff strictly adheres to all federal and state laws.  This reduces complaints while maintaining our clients’ reputations, all while improving the clients’ competitive position. We hire top-notch collection specialists who understand the nuances of specific markets, including commercial, business-to-business, telecom, retail and healthcare.

Target Market

We bring skilled collectors to lower yielding debt segments that often go ignored by US-based collection companies, providing a competitive advantage and superior returns.

We make it so you can manage the profitability of medium- and low-yielding segments of critical client operations through effective cost structures and a resourceful outsourced task force. We and our US-based collection agency clients are able to confront challenges faced by businesses on a daily basis in form of:

  • Requiring management bandwidth to set up and stabilize local offshore operations in.
  • Maintaining control, transparency, and productivity of data on-site in offshore locations.
  • Day-to-day operational management, ongoing monitoring, coaching, and training.
  • Managing payment transactions, client service and reporting requests from clients.
  • Developing channels to address security and regulatory concerns.

We manage client relationships with proficiency and independence as a full-service and licensed collection agency and offer a variety of options that enhance influence in a “branch office” location in our role of a facilitator to our clients’ businesses.

Collections Processes

We are known for adopting highly efficient processes to lift our clients’ consumers out of bad credit, even when they are near or past the statute of limitations. Our expertise in handling the most sophisticated receivables management tasks has established a successful track record of debt recoveries.

We are licensed for collection in 42 states and five territories.

From receiving client placement files, exchanging maintenance files and reconciliations to payment transactions processing and remittances, our team is highly competent in understanding and implementing typical client requirements through a multitude of in-house client services:

  • Payment processing
    We handle credit cards, ACH and check-by-phone payments through direct connections with banking system and Visa/MasterCard gateways.
  • Trust accounting and client payments
    We produce statements and make fund transfers on any schedule that is convenient for our clients.
  • Reporting
    Our extensive standard reporting is complemented with tailored reports to meet unique client routines or ad hoc requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance
    This platform provides the controls, activity recording and transaction history reporting to achieve and document the highest standards of compliance.
  • Supervisory involvement
    Sophisticated mechanisms for monitoring and managing collectors’ work enable our front-line managers to have maximum impact on our ability to assure competent and respectful treatment of consumers.

Connecting with Clients

There are two options for us to connect with our clients.  In the first option, we work independently as a third-party using files you send to us.  Under the second option, Astra becomes a branch of your own office.  We connect to your collections platform through a secure VPN so the data never leaves your system.


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A Reliable and Responsive Partner

Astra Business Services is deeply committed to its approach of promoting a healthy business environment for its clients. We pride ourselves on understanding and analyzing the requirements.

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