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Artiva Components
Critical Processes
Artiva Components

The Artiva Agency application is the main software engine of Astra’s system. It runs on a pair of highly redundant servers that drive collectors’ workstations and control all other systems components, including:

Guaranteed Contacts dialer – a powerful predictive dialer directly connected to both the US public telephone network and the Artiva database, supporting extremely productive outbound calling blended with inbound calls.

OSC Link server – works in conjunction with Artiva to exchange information with external service suppliers such as credit bureaus, mailing houses and information resources for skip tracing.

Signature Interactive Voice Response unit – welcomes incoming callers while their data records are quickly queued up for collectors, and enables payments by phone.

VoiceTrak recorder – makes a digital record of each conversation between a collector and a consumer, and links the recording to the debtor record for instantaneous retrieval.

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