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Artiva Components
Critical Processes
Critical Processes

The Artiva system enables several processes that are critical to Astra’s client service:

Payment processing – we handle credit cards, ACH and check-by-phone through direct connections with the banking system and the Visa/MasterCard gateway. We never levy charges on consumers for third-party payment processors.

Trust accounting and client payments – we can produce statements and make funds transfers on any schedule that is convenient for our client.

Reporting – extensive standard reporting can be complemented with tailored reports to meet unique client routines or ad hoc requirements.

Regulatory compliance – Artiva provides the controls, activity recording and transaction history reporting to achieve and document the highest standards of compliance.

Supervisory involvement – sophisticated mechanisms for monitoring and managing collectors’ work enable our American first-line managers to have maximum impact on Astra’s ability to assure competent, respectful treatment of consumers and high levels of client service.

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