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Since being founded in 2004, Astra Global has established a reputation as a leader in providing outsourcing solutions to businesses worldwide. We partner with our clients in ARM to provide cost-effective and flexible solutions t0 achieve positive and measurable commercial results.

We empower our clients with business insight in today’s highly competitive and regulated collections environment. Our services are fueled by the latest technology and run by an expert team of highly skilled executives.

Astra’s Transfer Agents can be leveraged for TCPA compliance and skill based routing

  • Our skilled Transfer Agents will place calls and verify connection with the right party using a personalized script. These calls display our client’s ANI which drives inbound calls.
  • The verified right party connects will be warm transferred to the client into a dedicated hunt-group. All incoming calls to the client will be preceded by called party ANI for skill-based routing and tracking.

Key Benefits

  • A demonstrable and significant Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Increased adherence to TCPA prohibitions.
  • Skill level routing of RPC’s to most effective associates.
  • Ability to add trained agents quickly and effectively.

Additional Value

  • Ease of setup (hosted solution) = no hardware/software to purchase or install.
  • Daily scrub of files increases percentage of successful contact.
  • Daily upload and download of files.
  • Built-in wireless number identification service and time zone compliance features.
  • Comprehensive performance reporting of program productivity.
  • Consumer satisfaction: Over 100 million cell phones dialed with ZERO complaints!

A team of specialized Astra “Skip Agents” are available to establish, verify and update new contact information.

  • A dedicated team of Skip Tracing Agents accesses the Client Collection System (via a secure VPN) to run a skip work campaign.
  • Agents access free and paid skip trace tools including TLO, Lexis Nexis, and Accurint.
  • An information agent updates the account with new location information when a new location is discovered.

Skip, Verify and Transfer

  • The Skip Tracing Agent makes outbound calls to the new phone numbers found on the account.
  • Upon making a live connect, the Skip Tracing Agent verifies whether they are talking to the “right party”.
  • Right party contacts are transferred via a three-way conference to the client’s collection center.

Astra can be leveraged to improve quality monitoring functions:

  • The client will be provided with a dedicated Call Quality Monitoring Team responsible for the monitoring of right party connects, other party connects, answering machine messages, correspondences and account notes.
  • The client will provide all call recordings via SFTP access at a pre-determined frequency.
  • The client will provide access to the collection database via secure VPN for the RQM team for reviewing account documentation and updating account notes.
  • The RQM team will listen to all call recordings and scores based on a pre-agreed form.  They will also provide collections talk-off, regulatory compliances, account handling procedures and documentation on a predefined timeline.
  • The team will then conduct frequent call calibrations with Client Representatives and Performance Managers.
  • A dedicated team will be offered if the client requires n account audit against a pre-defined set of parameters.

Key Benefits

  • Trained and qualified specialists are hired to perform the Quality Management functions using established procedures for better management of time and cost.
  • Some offline back-office tasks are completed during Indian daytime after close of business in the US/ Canada resulting in lower turn-around times.
  • Our process is governed by collaborative approach and transparency, helping us deliver efficient and quality services.

 EXPERIENCE: A Client Case Study

We offer end-to-end solutions from engaging on multiple channels and mediums to scrutinizing communications in order to generate business insights for our clients to make informed and rational decisions. We have strong relationships with many medium and large scale enterprises across the world.

In one case, we helped one of our clients, a medium sized collection agency, meet their compliance and regulatory requirements by employing cost effective measures.  Prior to our help, the client had been monitoring 5-10 calls per agent and the average agent tenure was no more than 12 months.

Astra put together an expert core team which:

  • Increased their call monitoring frequency and sample size by up to 300%.
  • Met 100% compliance parameters were within the first 90 days.  This was accomplished with regular feedback and reporting.
  • Saved the client approximately 57% over hiring a US-based QA staff.
  • Helped achieve the monitoring requirements of their clients, who were mainly large scale debt buyers and credit grantors.
Our comprehensive model, which necessitates rigorous compliance and monitoring requirements, has helped the client enterprise support their large consumer base.

One of our client’s clients conducted a CFPB style audit after putting our expertise into practice. No gaps were found in quality monitoring and assurance procedures.

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