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Management Team
Shaping Our Talent

By locating experienced American executives and first-line managers in India equipped with industry-leading technology, Astra is able to enlist exceptional Indian talent for highly effective work on consumer receivables.

In mid-2003, Astra’s founders investigated this talent resource, hoping to address the shortage of qualified Americans willing to commit to careers in collections. They concluded that Indian professionals could, in fact, work effectively with American consumers.

They found Indian professionals working in two types of operations: Indian management hired by US companies to assemble a local workforce, and Indian organizations that sold their services to companies in the US. Astra’s founders concluded that a closer working relationship between Indians and Americans could accomplish higher levels of compliance with US regulations and better client service.

So Astra took an original approach. An entire team of experienced American collections supervisors moved permanently to India to start the new business. They were joined soon after by Indian professionals in human resources, finance, administration and IT.

Together, this deeply experienced American/Indian management team has launched a one-of-a-kind company with a singular focus on American consumer delinquencies.

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