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Astra Business Services is an American company with a breakthrough combination that unlocks more value from your receivables. Astra is committed to collect what you’ve earned. To do this, we take a professional business approach with consumers, working respectfully but diligently, using the best technology and the best people worldwide, according to the highest standards for compliance, confidentiality and security.

Astra’s combination includes an executive team with extensive experience in financial services and high-value collections professionals in India with an entirely American first-line management team onsite, plus industry-leading technology and strong financial backing.

Our results for clients confirm the approach we’ve taken: excellent receipts from working more deeply into portfolios of credit card, healthcare, telecommunications and other uncollected consumer accounts.

Working in India opens up a whole new way of collecting American receivables, including more research and more time and patience with each consumer.

Our breakthrough combination means Astra can satisfy your high expectations for cash flow while adhering to your own high standards for consumer service and regulatory compliance.

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