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Astra Business Services was founded in 2004 as a response to a chronic need in the receivables management business, a need that arises from the shortage of people with the essential skills to do the complicated and sensitive work of helping consumers to resolve delinquencies in a highly regulated atmosphere.

At a time when consumers bear record levels of personal debt and interest rates are rising, it is particularly urgent to fill this need. For those who have extended credit in good faith, the potential impact may be too great. It also falls on those who pay all their bills, but will have to pay higher prices to make up the expense of uncollected receivables.

Through diligent research, Astra’s executive team found that India could supply a vast quantity of the right talent to do receivables collection. The team developed a business plan, raised capital and purchased technology capable of putting a large company at the leading edge of the industry. Most importantly, they hired a group of very experienced American collections supervisors who were willing to relocate permanently to India.

Since its founding, Astra has served the collections needs of its US clients across a range of industries.

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