Warm Transfer

Key Benefits

  • A demonstrable and significant return on investment.
  • Adherence to TCPA regulations.
  • Skill level routing of RPC’s to most effective associates.
  • Ability to add trained agents quickly and effectively.

Transfer Agent work enables our clients to be TCPA-compliant for mobile phone dialing while also improving productivity for landline dialing.  Our most popular platform is Astra Call Manager, where 100% of the dialing is done manually using a desktop phone and US-based EPABX to ensure total TCPA compliance.  We also utilize LiveVox’s HCI Strict, a popular tool for mobile phone dialing.

Astra’s Transfer Agents can be leveraged for TCPA compliance and skill-based routing

  • Our skilled Transfer Agents place calls and verify connections with the right party using a personalized script.
  • Verified right party connects are warm transferred to the client into a dedicated hunt group.
  • Outbound calls display our clients’ phone number so callbacks will go directly to our clients.

Additional Value

  • Ease of setup (hosted solution) means no hardware/software to purchase or install
  • Daily scrub of files increases the percentage of successful contacts
  • Daily upload and download of files
  • Built-in wireless number identification service and time zone compliance features
  • Comprehensive performance reporting of program productivity
  • Consumer satisfaction: Over 100 million cell phones dialed with ZERO complaints!


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